Topeka Foundry & Iron Works can fabricate any equipment, part, or tool to your specifications.

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Topeka Foundry & Iron Works can keep your equipment running with expertly reconditioned machine parts.

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Topeka Foundry & Iron Works has the engineering know-how to create tools and fixtures that will greatly increase your productivity.

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Topeka Foundry & Ironworks has been serving the industries of steel fabrication, machine repair and production, metal doors and hardware, and retail metal sales since 1876.

TFI has the engineering know-how to create tools and fixtures that will greatly increase your productivity. We can also save you money by keeping your existing machinery running like new for less than what you’d pay to replace it. We’ve helped countless businesses throughout the decades bolster their bottom line and we can do the same for yours!


TFI’s production facilities include CNC and manual lathes, mills and turning equipment capable of light and heavy machining. Due to our wide variety of machinery, TFI can prototype or mass-produce components and equipment out of all metals, especially exotics such as high alloy and stainless steel.

  • All Forms of Welding Processes
  • Large Scale Milling and Lathing
  • Precision Machining
  • Plate and Bar Rolling
  • Surface Grinding up to 8 Feet
  • Components from 1 ounce to 75 tons
  • Architectural Take Off and Estimating
  • Bull Gear and Sprocket Reconditioning
  • Equipment Fabrication and Reconditioning
  • Industrial Component Remanufacturing
  • Reverse-Engineering and Prototyping

Topeka Foundry and Iron Works can pick up and deliver large equipment or components not just in Kansas, but throughout the entire United States. Whether you need bull gears, cooling towers, drive rolls, pulleys, rollers, shafts and more, call 800.648.8212 to find out how Topeka Foundry & Iron Works can help keep your business running.


Topeka Foundry & Iron Works

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