If your production plant is anything like 95% of the rest of the country, you have a mixture of old and new equipment running near or beyond their capacities. You also understand the importance of keeping your equipment maintained regularly. Part of your maintenance routine should include dynamic balancing and vibration analysis for all of your shafts, rotors, fans and other rotating machine components, especially for your older equipment.

Vibration caused by an unbalanced component can lead to bearing failure, structural damage of the equipment, structural damage to nearby equipment, and possibly even health problems for your workers. In some cases, vibrations that happen to cause resonance with the parts you’re producing can effect their longevity or durability, which will make your customers look elsewhere for the parts you used to provide.

Unbalanced machinery has to work harder, too, so if you have seen an unaccountable increase in your utility bills over the past few months, it may very well be due to your equipment drawing on more power to overcome a balance issue.

All of these outcomes impact your bottom line. Topeka Foundry & Iron Works provides vibration/dynamic balancing services which can find and eliminate imbalances in your equipment which will keep them running longer, and prevent unwanted vibration from hurting newer, costlier equipment nearby.

We can provide in-shop or field-balancing of your equipment for parts in excess of 100,000 pounds and up to 28 feet long. Call us now to schedule an appointment at your facility or to arrange delivery of your equipment and let us help you keep your business running safely and smoothly.