Restored Components

Our customer had one of their machines go down due to the original cast iron part (pictured on the right) wearing out. We scanned that cast iron part with our Romer arm and created a 3D model from it, correcting the worn areas. We machined two new components out of solid steel from that 3D model, giving them more durable and reliable parts, so if their second machine fails in the same way they are ready to replace it immediately.

Restored Gear

Our client had a unique machine that was the heart of their operation. The machine went down and parts were obsolete. We were able to produce a gear quickly to get their machine back up and running, saving them thousands of dollars and giving them the ability to meet their promised deadline.

Precision Gear Setting Fixture Shaft

Our client needed to measure the exact bevel angle on a gear while it was inside the engine block. To solve this problem, a special housing was designed that mimicked an existing part of the engine and held a precision-made shaft that lined up with the interior gear. That shaft extends outside the engine block, allowing the angle to be accurately measured with ease. It was reported to TFI that the new device not only works like a champ, but will cut about 14 man hours off their old process, adding over a quarter of a million dollars to their bottom line.